Crafts: House Color Hair Bows

Well, I've got a new craft project.
I was at Aeternitas last weekend in Laconia, New Hampshire. Aeternitas was a small fan conference run by Amanda Burke of HPMA and Jonathon Rosenthal of TGTSNBN. It took place at the Margate Resort on Lake Winnepesauke. While participating in the festivities of the weekend, I saw a huge amount of great costumes. I myself made several wardrobe changes each day. On day two, however, I decided to go sans costume and wear sweats and a t-shirt. Of course this was a bit too normal for me, so I went ahead and plunked my new hand-made army-green hello-kitty-style bow on top of my head.

It was a hit. Many people asked me where I purchased it, and when I informed them I knit it myself, they wanted to know how much it would cost for me to make one for them. Below the bow, my brain started doing the math. Then, with the help of my friends, the complete idea was born: House Color Bows.

A mad dash to Michael's commenced the minute I arrived back in New York City. Skeins of navy, yellow, scarlet, and green are spilling out of the yarn basket and taking over my apartment. My summer will be filled with tangled yarn and the sound of clicking needles. Hopefully I will not get lost in the mess.

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