Crafts: Introduction

I love to craft. A lot. I take what I find, and I craft what I take. If it sits still long enough, it may be glued, stapled, sewn, strung, or beaded before the day is through.

I've designed house color earrings, golden snitch necklaces, Doctor Who beaded bowties, (bowties are cool), paper fezzes, knit bookmarks, scarves, dishcloths, (John Green has one!) TARDI, (tardises?) cross stitched mockingjays, and more. I am pretty sure I suffer from Crafters A.D.D. (CADD?). I love quick projects that satisfy instantly. Forget anything that comes in pairs. Socks? No thanks. I still have one leg warmer left over from my first year of knitting... four years ago.

Right, so one of the parts of this blog will be my current crafts. Whether for personal use, gifts, or sale, they're my crafts and I love making and sharing them.


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