Wrocker, crafter, and Fireside Chatter. My name is Ariel Birdoff and over the past several years, I have delved deeper into the world of nerd than ever before. Starting with the surge of social networking, and my first facebook post in 2007, I have been hurled healong into the torrential storm of the Interwebs. What started as a small profile, a short podcast listen, and a brief visit to a fan site, became the tiny start of the rushing Mississippi of online fandom.

Four years later, I am beginning this blog as a seasoned veteran of the online nerd community. Having attended more than five Harry Potter fan conventions, at least 50 wizard rock festivals, and started my own wizard rock band, I have gained a lot of life experience as an active member of the online fan community.

Being as busy as I am with a full time job and a part time graduate program, not to mention the management of a Wizard Rock band, and the travel bug from which I suffer, I thought that adding a blog to my weekly routine would be a terrible idea. Of course, those sorts of ideas can usually be quite fun.

And so, without further ado, Nerdy, Wordy, and Almost Thirty. A blog about this not so young adult who jumped into the world of online nerdom head first and has yet to come up for air.

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