Wrock: Introduction

Once upon a time, Ariel wanted to start her own wizard rock band called Madam Pince and the Librarians. So she did. The end.

Seriously though, Madam Pince had been a dream of mine ever since I first heard the term "wrock". I loved writing poetry, and singing, but had never written song lyrics, nor been classically trained. I used these as convenient excuses for about a year, until I attended Wrockstock 2008. It was there that my new friends (during a drunken game of Apples to Apples) demanded a better reason. I could not come up with one.

So, when I landed back in New York, I called my best friend Erich and told him we were starting a band. Erich is an amazing guitarist and talented lyricist. At our first ever band practice we wrote "No Squeeing in the Library" while sitting on my bed. Soon to follow were "Anthony Goldstein, Are You a Jew", "Virgin Goddess", and "Friends and Ends".

After about a year of no albums and small shows, Erich left the band. Guitarless, I could not continue. However, my luck was about to change. Kelly Foulds, otherwise known as Misty Lux, the amazing burlesque and side show performer, was looking for a band to join. Immediately I invited her to become my "librarians".

Almost immediately we revamped our entire style to be a more upbeat, pinup, girl-band. We started landing bigger gigs, and travelling together. With the two of us working together, we played in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and more. We rocked Evil Day 2 and the New York City Wizard Rock Festival. Just recently we played the main stage at Aeternitas 2011. We've opened for Ministry of Magic and Harry and the Potters, and we haven't even hit our two year anniversary.

We have one live EP and one full length album. Another EP or perhaps LP is in the making. We are adding new members to our band to make it more complete. Madam Pince is alive and growing, and I am so grateful to my Wrockstock friends for convincing me to do this, Erich Brandkamp for helping this get off the ground, and Kelly Foulds, Michael Owen (her fiancee), and Stacy Pisani (our sometimes drummer), for helping to keep this going.

Madam Pince means so much to me.
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P.S. Stay tuned for a BIG Madam Pince announcement!

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