Katniss Cosplay Photoshoot

This past weekend I went camping at Taconic State Park with my friend Sam. While the primary motivation for the trip was to spend quality time hiking, swimming, and relaxing with each other, it also was a great opportunity to try out this year's Halloween costume. Yes, I've been planning this one for a few months now and yes, I am aware it is still Summer. This year I plan to complete the trifecta of Katniss costumes.

As most of you know, I have already completed two Katniss otufits. The Girl on Fire for Halloween 2009, and Reaping Day for the Mockingjay release at Books of Wonder in 2010. This Halloween, I plan on doing the most iconic Katniss there is in honor of the upcoming film. This will be the Katniss that we see in the first moments of the arena. Hair still neat, a slight glistening of sweat on her brow, orange backpack still bright, mockingjay pin gleaming gold against her black jacket. So strong in those first hours in the Games. This is the Katniss that I want to portray.

For weeks leading up to our camping trip, I shopped endlessly at discount clothing stores, ebay, amazon, and etsy. I found the perfect pants, blouse, jacket, boots, pin, backpack, and hair extensions at bargain prices. The only thing I needed now, was the perfect background. I waited anxiously for the weekend to arrive.

Armed with his Canon 5D Mark II, Sam and I trekked out into the rolling hills of what would be the wilderness above District 13. I must say I have never enjoyed a hike more. Feeling the weight of Katniss's braid resting on my shoulder, and seeing and hearing the wildlife around me really put me deep into The Girl on Fire's head. For a few glorious hours, I was Katniss. Hunting, hiding, and fighting. And Sam's brilliant photography caught it all on camera.

 For more Katniss cosplay, visit cosplay.com/costume/352846.

Sam Tuthill is a press photographer for the Bronx Times Reporter in New York City. He also works as a private photographer for weddings, bar mitzvahs, family reunions, parties, and of course, cosplay events. You can see his professional portfolio on Picasa here. If you live in the New York City area, and are interested in scheduling your own photoshoot for yourself, or a group, you can contact Sam at Samsphotovideo(at)gmail(dot)com for rates and details.

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