Organization Tip: Give New Memories at the Really Really Free Market

I know you are having trouble giving things up. But let's face it, your small apartment or house cannot handle every sentimental object you've had since you were an infant. The time has come, as it always does, to get rid of those items for which you no longer have room. The only problem is that you love these things! They remind you of loved ones, lost ones, great moments, milestones, etc.

While some possessions are priceless and should be kept (I still have the small white stuffed rabbit that was given to me on the day I was born... she is now a lovely shade of gray and missing an eye), other objects should definitely be parted with. If you can't bear to throw away the stuffed animal that your ex boyfriend (the one who got away) won for you at the carnival six years ago, or your dusty old dolls that you still played with when you were 15,  donate them instead! Remember all those good memories you had with fluffy, barbie, he-man, and make a gift of new memories to a child who's parents might not be able to afford that many toys.

I had one such toy. A stuffed lion. It was given to me by an old boyfriend. It was soft and squishy and great to hug. It had a lot of positive memories associated with it, and I didn't want to let it go. When he and I broke up, I told myself that it was time. I brought Zero (that was the lion's name) to my local Really Really Free Market, and placed him on the shelf with the other toys. I was really sad to see him go. When I put him down, I almost snatched him right back up. I really didn't want to part with him! He's named after my favorite character in Holes after all! But I held my ground. The next second brought a small boy about the same size as Zero. He toddled up to the toy shelf and wrapped his little arms around my lion and gave it a hug. A grin spread on his face as he showed it triumphantly to his mother. "Can I keep this?" He inquired hopefully. He looked so happy. His mother nodded with a smile and I turned away from the scene. I still had my memories with Zero tucked away in my head, but this little boy was about to make a whole new set.

So, instead of throwing away, let someone else enjoy those things that you enjoyed. Pass along your love and your memories, and help someone out who really needs it. Whether you donate to your local church, synagogue, goodwill, or other charity organization, it's a mitzvah. And it couldn't hurt your karma... nor your clutter.

For information about your local Really Really Free Market, go here.

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