Organizational Tip: Library Thing

If you're anything like me, you love buying books. Sometimes, you buy so many books, you forget which ones you own and end up purchasing duplicate copies. It's happened to me many times. How about this? You live in a small city apartment, and your books are shoved in bookcases, piled on the floor, wedged in the closet, and probably half of your collection is still in your parents' basement. It's overwhelming, I know.
What's the best way to keep track of all these books? LibraryThing. LibraryThing is the best book cataloging website I have ever come across. LibraryThing is free up until a certain amount of books. After that, you can pay a small (I believe it's yearly) fee, or a slightly bigger lifetime fee. I went lifetime in 2008, and it was the best $20 bucks I spent. I also invested in a cuecat barcode scanner so as to avoid typing in the now 13 digit ISBN. The barcode is especially great if you want to list the exact edition of the book you own in your digital library.

LibraryThing has saved me money on books and advil (fewer headaches!). I now know where all my books are located, whether it's in my room, my boyfriend's place, or my parents' basement. I also can tell in a glance whether the book is signed, numbered, or inscribed.

Basically, this website is awesome. In addition to all the cataloging, there are newsletters, opportunities for free books, blogs, and more. I highly suggest that you go ahead and check it out now.

You're welcome.

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