Geeky Gifts for Your Geeky Valentine

It's February! V-Day is coming up quickly and many of you might be panicking about what to get your geeky lover. Speaking as someone who has been a geek girlfriend in the past, I have put together a handy list of seven great gifts that say "You're a geek, and I love you". If you are sans geek love this V-Day, I humbly offer my services as surrogate girlfriend. You may feel free to declare your love for me through any of the following gifts.

Flowers, of course!

A sensual scent

Your (proverbial) heart

More than just a kiss...

A public declaration of love!

Sweets for your sweetie

And of course, lingerie
Any of the above would make your geeky counterpart or nerdy recipient of your affection squee with love and devotion. Fare thee well, and good luck in love this V-Day.

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