Operation: Fox Face

Jackie Emerson
The Hunger Games movie opens nation-wide on March 23rd, 2012. Of course, the question on everybody's lips is "what in heaven's name should I wear?" or perhaps more appropriately: "Whomever shall I cosplay?". Personally, I answered this question quite easily with one compound proper noun: Foxface.

In order to realize my District Five tribute dreams, I first had to raid my closet. First on the list: an arena uniform. Since I had already done my Arena Katniss costume (image below) based on the book's description of Katniss's outfit as she was raised on the pedestal (simple tawny pants, light green blouse, sturdy brown belt, thin hooded black jacket that falls to the thighs, and boots, worn over skintight socks, with a narrow flexible rubber sole) I new I had the basics available to me. Being of the bookish sort, I decided to stick with Suzanne Collins' original description of the uniform as opposed to the movie's interpretation. 

I had purchased the "light green blouse" and brown belt at TJ Maxx
Amazon.com provided the jacket: Hurley's Juniors Marshall Yc Jacket in Black.
Rainbow sold me the "tawny pants".
Fox's on Long Island provided the Report brand boots.

Me as Katniss
Now, because I need to differentiate myself from Katniss (left) I knew I needed to have Foxface's red hair. But not just any red hair, according to an interview I read with Linda Flowers, the lead hairstylist on Beautylish.com, I learned that actress Jackie Emerson.... would be sporting two side "hair pom-poms" that would resemble fox ears. This presented a problem. without either dying my hair or purchasing a VERY expensive wig, I had NO idea how I was going to get auburn pom-poms on my head.
Gretel Wig

The solution, I decided was to purchase this very cheap Gretel wig off eBay. My plan is to take out the funky braids, and instead wrap the hair into buns and pin the hell out of it. I am calling in back up for this operation. Kelly Owen (formerly Misty Lux of burlesque fame), designer of rogue taxidermy at Morbid Curiosities, knows a bit about hair styling. I have high hopes.

The final touch is make up. Since the tributes are in the arena, there will be no beauty enhancing work. What I will do, is use NYX Soft Brown eyeliner from to shade my eyebrows, and perhaps add a sprinkling of freckles to my nose and cheekbones.

With the clothing, the wig, and the makeup, I should be a convincing Foxface. With a handful of berries and a small package of food, my costume will be complete.

Who are you going to be for The Hunger Games? 

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