Operation: Foxface Part 2 *SPOILERS*

So last night I saw The Hunger Games at midnight in New York city. I was joined by several of my cosplay friends, along with the rest of the Upper West Side. I saw many Katnisses (Katni?), a couple Effies, a Haymitch, a Peeta, a Cinna, a Venia, an Octavia, a Clove, a Glimmer, as well as a smattering of "generic district tributes" and some Capitol residents. Most of these amazing people are my friends. The others should be my friends. I, as you know, went as Foxface. 

Unfortunately, my costume didn't totally work out as planned. With last minute wig issues, and only a can of fake-looking red hair spray to fall back on, I decided to stick with my dark brown hair instead of Foxface's firey red. I snagged a green backpack from my stash (Foxface's package from the feast was green in the book), a fake knife from Ricky's (several theater workers thought I was carrying a real knife. FUN!), and a container of the most delicious (non-poisonous) blackberries from the supermarket.
While someone did mistake me for Katniss (even without the side-braid), most of our group realized I was the badass girl from district five. I am sure it helped that I offered everyone some berries and snuck around the line stealing other people's popcorn. 

When it came time for Foxface's berry craving in the film, I joined her with my remaining blackberries, letting the juice stain my lips and hand. Way to go, Foxface! You are the second only to Katniss in this story and you're killed by fruit.

Over all I thought the movie was quite well done and a fun time was had by all. Of course, for me, fun meant spending the last hour of the film trying hopelessly to control my violent sobbing. I can't get into much more detail about my thoughts on the film as I do not believe I have fully processed it yet. For now, I will leave you with this:
"Mmmm...Berries" or "My Reaction Upon Viewing The Hunger Games"

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