Graduation Day

Go Vols! (2007)
Well, Madam Pince is finally a librarian!

As of today I have graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville's School of Information Sciences. It's been five long years of paper writing, class attending, and sound checking. When I first thought of going to graduate school back in 2006, I told only one person of my plan. I figured if I decided not to go through with my applications, I wouldn't be letting anyone but myself down. I sneakily took my GREs and mailed out my applications to the two ALA accredited distance education programs of which I was aware: the University of Southern Connecticut, and the University of Tennessee.

When I got my acceptance letters, I proudly showed them to my parents thus marking the first time they knew anything about my post graduate plans. I enrolled in UTK's SIS in the autumn of 2007. With one class per semester and three semesters per year, I knew it was going to take me quite a while to finish this degree. But as my mother helpfully pointed out: "In five years, you'll be five years older. You might as well be five years older with a degree."

And so, here I am, five years older, and a Master of Information Science.

In celebration of my graduation I have decided to visit a few of New York City's most popular library-themed bars over the next month. Here is a short list of Yelp links and photos. If I am missing any gems, please let me know in the comments. Check back next month for pictures and reviews.

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