Ode to a Book Expo

At BEA in June two thousand, twelve,
The Javits center packed beyond compare.
So many books, much more than one could shelve.
And bookish folk were wandering the fair.
The Children’s Author Breakfast did commence
At 8AM did Myers take the stage.
Then Lois, Chris, Kadir, and John came hence,
And Chris made jokes 'bout age.
The authors talked so well about their skills:
When Lois spoke, the audience got chills.

With breakfast done and meetings to attend,
I made my way across the Javits’ floor.
To chat with partners, Phidal and Kar-Ben,
And after I would stalk Kristin Cashore.
Regrettably the author was not there,
A stupid misprint on the Expo’s site.
The first of faults of which I was aware,
My day was turned to shite.
Ms. Perkins, SirAlexie, both were cut.
The day’s morale, it fell into a rut.

I wandered aimlessly around the show,
I stopped at booths and grabbed some ARCs.
Some books looked great and others just so-so,
Just having some to read put me at ease.
At Penguin’s booth I ran into a pal:
Mackenzie Reide was also at the fair.
Like me she is a Harry Potter Gal,
A love for books we share.
We walked around together for a spell
And met some authors signing books as well.

We parted ways a few booths later on
Again alone I ambled through the lanes.
The feeling in my arms was nearly gone
Three bags of swag, was causing me some pain.
I paused a bit near Random House’s stand
(To catch my breath and grab another book)
And there I met another friend unplanned.
I knew her in a look.
A girl who used to live with me before.
We talked until I left to go explore.

Next up to meet so randomly was Jenn
Another Harry Potter Fandom chick
We talked and then I waved goodbye again
The day was moving past me much too quick.
The following few hours—what a blur
Mackenzie reappeared—I tagged along.
Rebecca Stead? She asked, and I concurred.
And so we joined the throng.
We parted ways again soon after that.
I didn’t have too much more time to chat.

I waited patiently on many lines.
On Mr. Schwalbe’s, Stacy London’s too,
And Sesame’s Maria also signed.
As many signatures I could accrue.
A break for lunch and stops to catch my breath
Were small necessities to keep me tough
Or else there might have been a Javits death
Be crushed under my stuff.
The last few moments found me grabbing more
As many as I could take out the door.

This BEA was quite facact indeed.
The organizing team I do decry.
Their apathy—a terrible misdeed
If it were me, I’d never let it fly.
Let’s hope next year the show is much improved
Perhaps the site might someday be correct
When author times are false they’d be removed.
It’s what we should expect.
And so the time of BEA has passed
My goodness, how it whooshes by so fast.

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