Poem a Day Project

They say if you want to be a writer, you have to write every day. Last April I decided to do just that. On April 28th, 2012, I decided to start my Poem a Day Project. Every day I would pick a verse form, and write a poem. With almost 250 different types of verse, I planned write at least one poem in each form. Most of my poems have been about the daily goings-on, some are based on images that moved me, and some are simply about what I ate for lunch that day. Some are very personal, and others are meant for sharing.

For this month's blog entry, I've decided to share some of the more amusing pieces (with one a bit more heartfelt) from the first six months of my Poem a Day Project for your reading pleasure. Please let me know which ones you like/grok/hate in the comments. And, yes, they are all quite a bit nerdy.

April 28th - Limerick (British verse form)
There was a humanitarian,
A petite disciplinarian.
She studied hard in school
And followed all the rules,
And now she's a hot librarian!
May 25th - Vogon Poem Mimic (Vogon verse form)
Oh skittled niggilywit
Thy frundulations are to me
As glarmeled combatchernaughts on a gavish whale.
Broop I beseech thee, my cranting furlingnobs.
And mopeliciously prongle me with wrinkly candlebarples
Or I will smite thee in the scofferbags with my glarblemuncheon, oh yes I will!
June 19th - Chastushka (Russian verse form)
Robert Pattionson is hot.
Also is a giant twat.
Only thing he does with ease,
Is jump out of all the trees.
July 16th - puSlogh vagh (Klingon verse form)
Trek is the best show yet.
Can't deny that it is.
Picard and his crew rule.
Taught me a lot on life.
Took me in, hooked me good. 
August 3rd - Cro Cumaisc Etir Casbairdni Ocus Lethrannaigecht (Irish verse form)
Today is a holiday
Friday, August third.
If only 'twas everyday
Such emotions stirred. 
It's love we're all conveying
With a hug and a kiss
Affection we're displaying
For Esther Earl's wish. 
I emailed my family
And I told my friends
I chose my words carefully
And then hit send. 
It wasn't too arduous
It felt good to do,
Honor one so virtuous
And say: "I love you."
September 19th - Redondilla (Spanish verse form)
Arr! Avast! It be the day of
Talk like pirates, lads and lasses!
Walk the plank, yeh scurvy asses!
Else I'll give yeh quite a shove. 

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