14 Things I Less-Than-Three


  1. Wizard Rock (specifically MPatL)
  2. New Orleans (my happy place)
  3. Organizing (and shameless self promotion)
  4. My parents  (thanks for me, guys!)
  5. Books (every single one of them. EVER.)
  6. London  (my other happy place)
  7. This guy (he's a Slytherin.)
  8. Also this guy (he's totally a Hufflepuff)
  9. The Group That Shall Not Be Named (Quidditch!)
  10. Bacon (also all other pork incarnations (traif))
  11. The Hunger Games Fireside Chat (Monday evenings made fun!)
  12. Poetry (a poem a day keeps the insanity away!)
  13. Doctor Who (1-11)
  14. The New York Public Library (see Books)

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