2013: The Year of the Cosplay

Cons, movies, cosplay days, and more! 2013 is turning out to be a geektastic year for me and my fandom friends. Because I am both stupidly excited and a compulsive planner, I've included, for your convenience (and my sanity), a highlights calendar of nerdy gatherings for 2013. I am hoping to attend as many as my budget makes possible, and I am franticly planning cosplays for each. Which ones are you attending? What cosplays are you wearing?

Nerdy Event Highlights of 2013
Of the above events, I am planning on attending:
  • Otakon
  •  New York Comic Con
  • L.I. Who
  • Ender's Game Movie (in New York City)
  • Catching Fire at midnight (in New York City)
I have the following cosplays in various stages of production:
  • Doctor Who - Zoe Heriot - completed!
  • Doctor Who - Femme Four - 85% completed  
  • Doctor Who - Leela (white dress variation) - 5% completed
  • Doctor Who - Femme Nine - completed! (pictured above)
  • Catching Fire - Capitol Citizen - concept only
  • Ender's Game - Petra Arkanian (Phoenix Army variation) concept only
  • Star Trek - Science Officer - completed!
If you have any other costume suggestions, I am always up for a new challenge! Also, if you have companions/doctors/citizens/tributes to go with any of these cosplay, and you are attending any of the above three events, please let me know in the comments! I'll make sure to bring the complementary costume! The only thing I love more than cosplay is group cosplay!

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