To See, Or Not To See?

That is the controversial question.

As many of you know, this fall brings the much anticipated Ender's Game movie to the big screen. Like many Card fans, I have been waiting (not so) patiently for this moment to arrive. Unfortunately, Card's homophobia is getting in the way.

Now, I've known about his views on homosexuality for a long time. When I found out about his beliefs, I still continued to read his books, but I no longer purchased them. I admire his writing very much, and I couldn't stand the idea of denying myself the pleasure of reading it. I also continued playing AnsibleMOO, a text-based RPG that takes place in Battle School. I was simply unable to dismiss the wonderful world that Card created in the Ender Saga.

Now that the movie's release date is approaching, I am faced with a tough decision. I haven't given Card a penny in more than a decade, but I have been waiting for this movie since 1997. Not only that, since I began cosplaying, being Petra Arkanian has been a strong desire of mine. I already put together her outfit. Since there are no licensed costumes, I felt comfortable purchasing the items.

So. To see, or not to see?

Honestly, I don't know. I strongly disagree with Card's views on homosexuality, but I support his right to have his beliefs and to be vocal about them. Goodness knows I'm vocal about mine. However, just because I support his right to speak his mind, doesn't mean I have to monetarily fuel his fire. Then again, Ender's Game has nothing to do with homophobia, is a brilliant work of fiction, and the actors and crew that worked on the film are incredibly talented. Should I not acknowledge that with a ticket purchase?

As I battle with these thoughts I am reminded of someone else I boycott. Mel Gibson. Being Jewish, I have an intense hatred for Gibson's blatant anti-semitism. I hate him because he hates me. Does this mean that I am inclined to hate Card less simply because I am straight? That doesn't sit quite right with me.

I think, that in the process of writing this blog I have come to a decision. I love Ender's Game. The whole world is an incredible creation of an incredible mind. It has been my dream to cosplay Petra for years now, and I am going to do it. I'll be Petra the Poet at Otakon in August. Hell, I'll be Petra on November 1st at 12:00am. But it won't be at the theater.

Where will you be on November 1st?

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