A response to the recent events in the Wizard Rock community

This will not be long. I have taken the time to read everything that has been written so far about the recent abuse cases brought to light in the Wizard Rock and YouTube community. The victims, event planners, YouTubers, other wrockers, and fans, have all eloquently said everything that I’ve felt over the past few days. Shock. Anger. Disbelief. Doubt. Worry. Defiance. Strength. Will.

I have been a part of the Potter Fandom for seven years now. It has been both a home and a haven to me. Starting as a shy lurking fangirl, and then becoming a wizard rocker, was ALL because of the nurturing and safe community of our fandom. It breaks my heart to know that some people have tried to ruin that for the rest of us. It breaks my heart that I called one of these people my friend. While I was not a victim of this recent abuse, I still share the feelings of abject hurt and betrayal of our community. 

I hope that our wizard family can talk about what has happened, learn from it, and use it to cultivate a new safe haven for ourselves as well as new members to our community. Let’s talk. 

The Weapon We Have Is Love. Always.

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