Do you like Shel Silverstein? Are you in a fandom? Would you like to read PG-13 nerdy verse written by yours truly? NERD!VERSE campaign ends in just a couple weeks. I am 2/3 of the way to my goal of $600. There are still some good perks left! For a small donation, you could receive:

  • A signed copy of the book with your name in the acknowledgments!
  • A hand made minimal (read tiny adorable animal)!
  • A poem of YOUR choosing about the fandom and person of YOUR choice!
  • Virtual hugs, thanks, and a plug from me (priceless, I know)!
If I hit my goal, my stretch is to raise $750 so I can hire fellow fandom friend, Hufflepuff, and graphic designer extraordinaire, Jennifer Drucker to design my cover art! 

Come on! Only 1/3 to go before I reach my goal! 

Your help is much appreciated.

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