It's Been a While, Internet

Hi there! Remember me? Got laid off in June? Is a giant nerd?

Yep. That's me.

So anyway, a lot has happened since I reminisced about Deathly Hallows back in July. Since things have been kind of hectic, I guess I could sum up the last six months in three easy bullets:

  • I got a job as an Outreach Librarian at the New York Public Library's MyLibraryNYC department. Can you believe it? ME! A REAL LIBRARIAN!! Check out some of the booklists I've made! I get to read YA and talk about books FOR MY JOB. Stay-tuned for some NYPL guest blogging on must-read books.

  • My boyfriend Adam proposed to me on the first night of Chanukah, and I said yes! Now I finally get to admit I've been planning my wedding on Pinterest for the last year and a half! I am officially in DIY heaven. The big day is May 15, 2016

So... yeah. 2014 was pretty great and pretty busy. Here's to a just as fantastic 2015. Hopefully I'll keep up with the blogging a bit more.

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