Low Calorie, High Fiber, Butter Cookie With Sprinkles

Hello, everyone. It's been a while. It's currently 2020, which is a dumpster fire. As I am attempting to cope with one full time job, two freelance positions, two graduate courses, and of course two beautiful twin toddlers, I find myself with a lot of time to spare. Just joking, but apparently I had enough time to design a small pattern. As I am trying to offset the "Pandemic 15", I thought I would make and share this diet friendly cookie. Low in calories, high in fiber! See what I did there? No? I need to sleep. Anyway, here is Butter Cookie with Sprinkles: 

COOKIE (make 2) 
  • 11 HDC in Magic Ring. Join with sl. 
  • Ch 2 (counts as a stitch throughout), HDC in same stitch. 2HDC around (22). SL to ch. 
  • Ch 2, HDC in same stitch. *HDC in the next two stitches, 2HDC in next stitch* repeat (33). SL to ch. 
  • Ch 1 (counts as a stitch), 3 sc in same stitch, sl in next two stitches, *4sc in next stitch, sl in next two stitches* repeat (11 bumps) Fasten off, leave long tail for sewing. 
  • With yarn or embroidery floss and a needle, sew small "sprinkles" onto RS of one cookie. With RS facing out, sew cookies together, making sure to match up the bumps. Weave in ends or hide them inside the cookies.
Please, do NOT eat this cookie.

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